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 Recommended Locations 

Robinson Preserve:

This 487 acre preserve has undergone an incredible transformation from disturbed farmland to coastal and wetland habitats. To restore the land to its natural state, the Natural Resources Department has partnered with a number of state and local agencies. Funding for Robinson Preserve was provided by Florida Communities Trust Florida Forever Program as well as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, Florida Communities Trust, Army Corps of Engineers, and Southwest Florida Water Management District. 

There are multiple entrances for your convenience:  


One aquatic entrance:

9800 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton Fl 34209

The main entrance:

1704 99th st, Bradenton Fl 34209


Perico Island hike in entrance: 10600 block of Manatee Ave W. under the hump back bridge. 


Phone: (941) 745-3723 Manatee County  Natural Resources

Emerson Point:

Emerson Point Preserve is a 365 acre preserve located at the tip of Snead Island in western Palmetto. At Emerson Point, visitors can take in the beauty of Florida's wildlife and native plant communities while exploring both prehistoric and historic sites.

Historical resources include the Portavant Temple Mound, southwest Florida's largest Native American Temple Mound, and the surrounding midden complex. A Welcome/Ranger Station is open Friday and Saturday for visitors to the preserve.

Emerson Point

5801 17th St. W,
Palmetto, FL 34221


Phone: (941) 745-3771 Manatee County Information Outreach Coordinator

Leffis Key:

Once a spoil island overgrown with non-native plants that greatly reduced its habitat value, Leffis Key is now a shining example of how government and private interests can collaborate to restore and enhance vital saltwater wetlands, essential to the health of a nationally significant estuary.

One of the unique features of the design is a 26-foot high hill in the center of the restored area. This upland feature offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The hill was planted with native dune and coastal ridge plants such as sea oats, beach elder, dune sunflower, southern red cedar, green buttonwood, sea grape, gumbo-limbo, Hercules' club, Jamaica dogwood and strangler fig.

In addition, over 20,000 marsh grass plants, such as smooth cordgrass, saltwater cordgrass and salt jointgrass, were installed along the banks of the tidal ponds. The plant installation was accomplished with volunteer labor that included hundreds of school children, local environmental clubs and citizens.

Leffis Key

2350 Gulf Drive S,
Bradenton Beach, FL 34218

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